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Wampusirpi, Gracias a Dios.

Honduras CACAO DIRECT went to Wampusirpi for the sole purpose of re-establishing cocoa production as a means of creating a sustainable livelihood for native Hondurans in a drug trade-ravaged country. The organization financed the construction of a fermentary; and provided the farmers with the necessary tools to sustainably harvest cacao from the trees growing in the rainforest. Farmers are paid immediately at the time of delivery for raw/unfermented (wet) cacao. Cacao Direct then ferments and dries every bean that it sells to ensure quality and consistency. By working directly with local producers and growers, it aims to establish a stable, predictable, transparent, and direct connection between chocolate makers and cacao growers. The Wampusirpi beans have a very consistent flavor profile: low astringency, low acidity, low bitterness, very little to none fruity or floral notes, but lots of chocolate and nuttiness.

  • 72% Cacao Tasting Notes: Stout and smoky notes round out a rich dark chocolate base.
  • 100% Cacao Tasting Notes: An unsweetened chocolate with stout and smoky notes.