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Mbingu Village, Morogoro Region, Tanzania

KOKOA KAMILI FERMENTERY works with nearly 3000 smallholder farmers, most of whom farm between 0.5-2 acres of cocoa. Kokoa Kamili pays a premium—well above the market rate—to farmers for their ‘wet’ cocoa, and conducts its own fermentation and drying. By taking over the fermentation and drying process, Kokoa Kamili can produce more consistently higher quality cocoa beans. This method gives farmers a reduced workload, along with greater compensation, and the farmers are paid immediately after the cooperative receives its wet beans. Kokoa Kamili also distributes cocoa seedlings to farmers in the community. In the past three years, they have aided in the planting of over 140,000 trees.

  • Cacao: 72%
  • Fermentation Style: 3-tier wooden boxes locally sourced and constructed eucalyptus. 6 day ferment.
  • Drying Style: 100% sun dried on raised drying tables. Direct and indirect sunlight.
  • Tasting Notes: Blueberry peaks dance over a creamy chocolate base.