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La Reunion, Centeno, Trinidad

THE LA REUNION ESTATE is managed by the Cocoa Research Section (CRS), which is a research division of Trinidad’s Ministry of Agriculture. The La Reunion Estate is a 200 hectare estate that serves as both a commercial enterprise and a research farm. In addition to fields that are populated with many different commercial and research-based cacao varieties, the estate also houses a processing facility for the beans harvested from the numerous fields. Fermentation is done in cedar boxes arranged in an ergonomic cascade system and the beans are then dried on a perforated bed using artificial drying methods. The facility also has traditional movable rooftop drying houses, but these are used only when absolutely necessary due to work scheduling constraints.

  • Cacao: 72%
  • Tasting Notes: A harmonious chocolate with a gentle vanilla peak and a sweet honey finish
  • Origin Information: or we selectively source from these four plantations