What is SoChatti?
SoChatti is single-origin, artisanal chocolate made and packaged to preserve and deliverthe flavors that are lost in traditional chocolate. SoChatti is a new kind of chocolate that is served melted to allow for the unique flavors of each cacao origin to shine through.
Is your chocolate vegan?
Yes! Our chocolate is crafted with just three all-natural ingredients: cacao nibs, organic cane sugar and organic cacao butter. SoChatti is vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free soy-free, kosher pareve and halal.
Is SoChatti organic?
The cane sugar and cacao butter in our chocolate is certified organic. Our beans come from cacao farms that practice organic farming, but the farms are too small to be certified organic. It’s extremely expensive for these cacao farms to become certified organic. We purchase cacao at three to four times above industry standard prices to help support reasonable working wages for cacao farmers.
What is the best way to melt SoChatti?
The best way to melt our chocolate is with our warmer. Our chocolate warmer is designed to be plugged in 24/7, so you’ll always have melted chocolate on tap. You can also melt SoChatti in a bowl of warm water or in a sous vide. For baking, SoChatti’s packaging is a superior way to melt chocolate that takes the guesswork and hassle out of the traditional at-home melting methods.
Does SoChatti come melted?
No. SoChatti comes as a hard solid. You’ll need to warm the chocolate before you use it.You can warm the chocolate and let it cool as many times as you’d like and it’s shelf stable!
Is SoChatti similar to chocolate syrup?
No. SoChatti is pure chocolate and is designed to be served melted. Melted chocolate coats your mouth and allows you to taste the various flavors of the chocolate. Our packaging allows you to easily melt the chocolate and enjoy it by drizzling, dipping, spreading, baking, or eating on its own.
Can I cut open your pouch packaging and eat SoChatti chocolate as a solid?
We don’t recommend it. Inside the pouch is a huge chunk of solid chocolate and it’s pretty tricky to cut through it. Try eating our chocolate melted or make your own treats like drop candies and let us know what you think!
Where can I find SoChatti in stores?
SoChatti is currently available for purchase on our website, Amazon, and in-store with select Indianapolis-based retailers including Needler’s Fresh Market and Best Chocolatein Town. Indianapolis restaurants serving our chocolate include: The Garden Table, Mimi Blue Meatballs and Ruth’s Cafe.
Is SoChatti dark chocolate?
Yes, most of our chocolate is 72% dark chocolate. If you don’t typically love dark chocolate, we encourage you to try SoChatti. Our chocolate does not have the typical bitter aftertaste that many people report after eating dark chocolate. We also make 100% dark chocolate, which is unsweetened and has one single ingredient: cacao!
Is your product certified kosher?
Yes, we are certified by the Indianapolis Orthodox Board of Kashrus.