We strive at SoChatti to create a sustainable supply chain for the benefit of future generations.

Chocolate Mulch

At SoChatti, every part of our raw ingredients supply chain may be useful. In fall 2020, SoChatti will be launching a cacao mulch program, where winnowed chaff (shells and small nibs) from chocolate manufacturing may be used to enrich your gardens and bring the fresh aroma of chocolate to your outdoors. SoChatti Chaff is flash roasted and carefully sorted during the winnowing process, and returned to the original burlap bags for re-use.

Stay tuned, and send us an email if you would like to receive additional details!

Chocolate Mulch

SoChatti Pouch Sustainability

SoChatti has created a pouch recovery program to enable customers to collect used packaging and return it for waste-to-energy generation and aluminum recovery.

Step 1 : Order Free Mailer

Contact us to receive your free mailer. We will ship mailers within two weeks of date of request. Mailers are produced from recycled plastic and include prepaid return postage.

Step 2 : Collect Empty Pouches

Once fully dispensed, return the cap and place in the mailer, a mailer may hold 10-15 empty pouches. Now you may enjoy your SoChatti guilt-free.

Step 3 : Mail to Easterseals Crossroads

Once full, seal the mailer and drop off at your local post office. SoChatti has partnered with Crossroads industrial services, to collect our pouches for material recovery.

Step 4: Receive Pouch Mailers

Crossroads Industrial Services will collect and store used pouch mailers. Crossroads has many material recovery programs currently in operation right here in Indianapolis.

Step 5: Transport to Covanta

Once until we have received sufficient quantities, mailers are transported to Covanta for material recovery. We are proud to have a national material recovery program in our own back yard.

Step 6 : Monitor Recovery

Covanta will provide SoChatti with documentation certifying each batch processing along with a semi-annual report estimating carbon offset and material recovery.